Telegram Fake Member Adder (api)

Telegram Fake Member Adder

Telegram Fake Member Adder Increase telegram channel with fake member and view.

No need for installation (portable)
Very high speed and stability in adding members
Adding virtual or virtual lines to or from groups
Ability to increase and view concurrently or separately for the last 100 posts
Ability to load numbers in the program with STAT format
Ability to delete, image and name on lines and start
With three free software for converting and checking lines
Absolutely API-based and without touching the mouse and keyboard
Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows
And fixes the previous version's defects
* Includes educational videos for easy use of soft

* Includes educational videos for easy use of soft

Buy online
After payment, Immediately will be emailed your account information and access link.

Price: $49

  • Get updates for free
  • Usage Guide + English Video Tutorial
  • Perform installation and configuration on your personal computer through the TeamViewer for free (if needed)

Sajjad Taheri (Administrator)




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